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The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Programmes

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Spirit of Adventure are proud to be providers of Duke of Edinburgh's Award to schools and groups across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and the westcountry.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is the world’s leading achievement award for young people between the ages of 14 and 24.

The aim of the award is to create a world where young people can reach their full potential whatever their circumstances.  Their ethos is to enable every young person of every background to do their Duke of Edinburgh's Award and succeed, regardless of any barriers.  The award provides a balanced series of activities that develops the whole person – mind, body and soul – in an environment of social interaction and team-working.

Young people progress through three levels within the Duke of Edinburgh's Award to achieve a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.  Taking part builds confidence and develops self-esteem. It requires persistence, commitment and has a lasting impact on the attitudes and outlook of all young people who do their Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

What is a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award?

Young people doing their Duke of Edinburgh's Award complete four different types of activity at Bronze and Silver level and five at Gold level to achieve an Award:

Volunteering: undertake service to individuals or the community.  This develops compassion, commitment and the confidence to make a difference.

Physical: improve in an area of sport, dance or fitness activities.  This develops fitness, enjoyment and, depending on the activity, teamwork.

Skills: develop practical and social skills and personal interests.  This helps young people to realise their unique potential and gain greater self-esteem.

Expedition: plan, train for, and complete an adventurous journey in the UK or abroad.  This develops teamwork and leadership, and challenges young people to push themselves beyond their expectations.

Residential (Gold level only): stay and work away from home doing a shared activity.  Again this challenges young people, who must work with strangers to achieve a positive goal.

Spirit of Adventure & the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Programme
Spirit of Adventure is an authorised provider of Duke of Edinburgh's Award Programmes.

Spirit of Adventure was formed in 1993 and is based in Devon right in the heart of the wild and beautiful Dartmoor National Park.  Having helped and been involved with Duke of Edinburgh's Award work on and around the moor for years it was decided to apply to be an expedition provider in 2010.

This proved successful and now opens the doors for ‘Spirit’ to become fully involved with this fantastic scheme. We are rapidly building a good Duke of Edinburgh's Award client base for Dartmoor and Exmoor expeditions.

Expedition Programmes
Our aim here at ‘Spirit’ is to fit into your programme at a level you require. We are not here to take over the show!  Unless of course that is what you require.

The first thing we will always do is come and spend time with you and work out the best way we can fit into your system, or how we can assist in setting up your Duke of Edinburgh's Award programme.  We are based right here in expedition country so can fit into your existing plans or help you design new ones.

Training Instructors
Here at ‘Spirit’ we have recognised it takes a special person with a high skill level to be a good Duke of Edinburgh's Award trainer.  With this in mind our team of Duke of Edinburgh's Award instructors are chosen for not only their wild country leadership qualifications but also their broader experiences in the outdoor world.

Within the team we have members of the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Group, as well as instructors with many years of experience exploring countless wild areas of land and sea all over the world!

A Superb Moorland Base
Spirit of Adventure’s Powdermills base is a great place to be based for Duke of Edinburgh's Award work.  We are right on the border between the North and South moors of Dartmoor with direct access to the moors from the doorway of the bunkhouse or office. This means we are close by for emergency cover and extra support if suddenly required. We also have a team of instructors and guides that know all the nooks and crannies of Dartmoor, summer or winter.

Get in Touch
We believe in tailoring our Duke of Edinburgh's Award programmes to your requirements.  We will be happy to meet and discuss a programme for you at a cost that suits your budget.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your Duke of Edinburgh's Award programme contact Spirit of Adventure:



Tel: 01822 880 277

Visit the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme Website


Genuine Testimonials from Valued Clients



“Due to unexpected changes in wild country supervision regulations made by the D of E authorities, we had need at very short notice of suitably qualified staffing to assist with supervising our Silver Expedition on Exmoor and then our Gold Expedition on Dartmoor. The team which was supplied by Spirit of Adventure more than met our requirements: adaptable, professional and personable, they very quickly earned the respect and admiration of our pupils and staff. 

Put simply, we could not have managed without them. It was also a pleasure to deal with Spirit of Adventure over the more mundane but vital aspects of the organisation of our unusual request for help (background checks etc.), as their administrative support set-up was also first-rate.”

Bill Penty, Deputy Head, Sherborne Girls

“The best thing about Spirit of Adventure is that they help us to run our expedition, rather than insisting we do it their way. This flexibility of approach and willingness to work alongside the unit leader, who knows the groups well, to deliver the right expedition for the each group is why we chose John and his team.

We work in partnership rather than as business/client and the friendliness, warmth and organisation shown by the vastly experienced Spirit team means I can trust them to support the young people through their expedition with no reservations. John's team has a wealth of knowledge of Dartmoor and being able to tap into this, and their contacts is invaluable in identifying suitable wild camp-sites to give Gold participants a truly memorable experience.”