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Fun with all the family!

The Dartmoor National Park is a fantastic place to have a weekend of action, adventure and fun, where a willingness to ‘have a go’ is the most important ingredient! The whole family enjoying taking part, whether it be building a raft or holding a rope for the youngest member of your family as they try their hand at rock climbing. This fast moving weekend takes you rock scrambling, climbing, abseiling, kayaking and raft building. Fun we shall definitely have, however safety is at the top of the list, experienced and qualified instructors always alongside to ensure you learn some great skills, have plenty of family fun and of course keeping safe boundaries throughout!!


This fast moving weekend takes you;

Canoeing and kayaking

 on Dartmoor, learn some basic skills, take part in some fun and action packed games! All this on safe water under qualified and experienced instruction. You will be amazed at your own skill level!


Dartmoor has a wide range of venues for rock climbing. Have a go on easy rock, if it feels good then try something harder. A climb for everyone is on offer, a great way to boost your own confidence. Learn to belay and become part of the team. Enthusiastic, qualified and experienced instructors will make sure you have a quality time.


This personal challenge is so much easier when friends and team mates give positive encouragement. A friendly and confident instructor completes the picture to make this an exciting challenge that is super safe.

Raft building

Two teams, two lots of ideas, two frantically paddling raft teams and loads of wet fun as you race across the lake. A great way to finish off the kayak day!!


All you need to bring with you is your "Spirit of Adventure!!" and of course you will always be in the safe hands of some of the best outdoor instructors in the UK.

"Thanks for the best day of my life! Abseiling was scary, canoeing was brilliant".



We can also arrange your accommodation for you, there are hotels guesthouses, hostels, bunkhouse and campsites on the moor. Many people choose to stay in our Bunkhouse at Powder Mills.


You may decide to make this a really special family adventure and stay for the Monday. A chance to explore one of Devon’s stunning river estuaries, we canoe and kayak with the tide to make this a great day out. All you need is your spirit of adventure!!

Spirit of Adventure is inspected regularly by the Adventure Activity Licensing Authority (AALA) and has been granted a licences to run canoeing, climbing and mountaineering activities. The authority inspects our equipment and safety procedures and ensures that all our staff are suitably qualified.




Dartmoor Family Adventure Weekend
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Family Fun Adventure

3 day multi activity break for families including climbing, abseiling, and kayaking and gorge scrambling.

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