mess tent


River Wye Canoe Exploration

 Safe and fun!

Could paddling a river ever be easier and more relaxing than this?

This is an easy-paced journey in big open canoes, with the river winding ever so gently through woods and fields, towns and villages. It is a journey so relaxed and gentle that some paddlers have even been known to doze off during the day’s travel.

But enough about the instructors, and more about the week:

We stay on a friendly and spacious campsite with a superb shower block and enough space for those deadly serious games of football and cricket after supper! Here we set up our tents in a quiet corner, surrounding the mess tent where the first task is inevitably to get the kettle on and the biscuits out!

Both on and off the river there is plenty of bird life to see, ducks and swans, herons, buzzards, sparrow hawks, possibly even a kingfisher if we are lucky. Then there are the spring flowers and who knows what animal life might appear? There are rabbits and foxes, water voles and shrews...and there are otters around!

Most days, we paddle gently downstream passing through sleepy villages and hamlets, peaceful countryside and the occasional town. We raft the canoes together, so that even ‘first timers’ feel safe and comfortable. Usually, we also have a day spent off of the river, exploring the marvelous countryside and go for a walk around some woodland with fantastic views over the Wye valley.

As usual, our last night comprises a trip to the local pub for supper where we chat about the week over a good meal and a glass or two.

 A very popular fun trip!



Holiday Type:  Canoeing adventure.

Activities: Canoeing, Walking.

Venue: Lucksall, Holme Lacy, Hereford

Accommodation: Camping excellent facilities

Cost: £600 transport can be arranged at extra cost 

Minimum Number Required: 4 people

Experience Required: None

2016 Dates

  • 24th - 29th July 2016

For more details on any of the Spirit of Adventure ‘High Hopes’ Adventures please phone 01822 880277 for a chat and ask for the trip dossier, or email martin@spirit-of-adventure.com.