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Lowland Leader Award

Lowland Leader Award

Lowland Leader Award (LLA) Assessment

The Lowland Leader Award is for people who have some experience in leadership and outdoor instruction and wish to become qualified to take groups in lowland countryside and woodland in summer conditions.

On passing the Assessment you have the skills necessary to lead a group of walkers within the permitted remit of the award within the UK. You will be assessed on such skills as group management, navigation, emergency procedures, access and conservation, and environmental issues.

LLA training & assessment courses are run over two consecutive days.

Pre-requisites for the course
Before you register for the course make sure you can answer yes to the following questions;

  • Are you 18 years old (minimum age for Assessment)?
  • Do you have a genuine interest in leading groups?
  • Have at least an absolute minimum of 20 logged walking days (no duplicated walks) in uk areas such as coast, forest, farmland etc?
  • Are registered for the award with Mountain Training?
  • Have attented an LLA, HML or ML (summer) training course?

It is advisable to gain more than the minimum experience and requirements before attending the coures to fully benefit.

Qualified & Experienced Staff
These courses will be run by either John or Steve. John holds the Mountain Instructors Award whilst Steve is a qualified International Mountain Leader. Both have a passion for Dartmoor and adventure travel.

We can arrange your accommodation for you - there are hotels guesthouses, hostels and bunkhouse if you prefer not to camp. On Dartmoor many people choose to stay in our Bunkhouse at Powder Mills. If you live locally to you are very welcome to travel up and join us each day.

Lowland Leader Award
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3 Walking - Lowland Leader Award (LLA) Assessment

2 days instruction to gain qualifiacation to enable you to take groups out on lowland hills


Experience Required
You must have attended a Lowland Level Training Course

Cost Per Person


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