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Spirit of Adventure and Mountain Training

Spirit of Adventure has been involved in the facilitation of Mountain Training courses for over 15 years. Throughout this time we have trained and assessed candidates for Mountain Training to a high standard but we have always maintained a casual and friendly approach.

This year has seen some major changes to Mountain Training and Spirit of Adventure has evolved to meet those changes. We can now offer new courses such as the Hills Skills, Lowland Leader Award and the Expedition Module. The Walking Group Leader Award has now become the Hill and Moorland Leader Award. Climbing courses have seen some changes with the introduction of the Climbing Wall Awards. We still run the Single Pitch Award which means Spirit of Adventure can offer a full scope of courses.

From leading groups walking in woodland or the high moor or supervising groups on indoor walls to local crags, we can offer a Mountain Training course to suit.

For more course information and booking details please click onto the relevant link of your chosen course below.

Hills Skills Course

The Hill Skills course is your key to getting started in countryside and moorland walking. There is no experience of hill walking required to attend a Hill Skills course because the content of the course is aimed at beginners. If you do have some experience of hill walking but aren’t confident about planning walks, navigating and understanding the equipment required, then the Hill Skills course is an ideal way to learn. 

The Lowland Leader Award (LLA)

The Lowland Leader award has been designed for people who wish to lead groups on day walks in lowland countryside and woodland in summer conditions. The majority of the UK and Ireland is made up of this type of terrain so you'll never be short of places to go walking. 

Hill and Moorland Leader Award (HML)

The Hill and Moorland Leader award is designed for people who want to lead groups in the hill and moorland areas of the UK and Ireland. This award is a wonderful opportunity to learn the leadership skills required to feel confident about taking people out walking. As you may have guessed from the descriptive title of this award, it focuses on non-mountainous terrain. 

Expedition Skills Module (ESM)

The Expedition Skills Module is an optional module available to walking leaders. It's an opportunity to increase your skills where you will be trained and assessed to lead groups on multi day camping expeditions. The flexibility of the module makes it useful for Lowland Leaders and Hill and Moorland Leaders to operate in terrain and conditions within the scope of their respective leadership award.  

Climbing Wall Award (CWA)

The Climbing Wall Award trains and assesses candidates in the skills required to supervise climbers on purpose built artificial climbing walls and boulders. It is ideal for people who work at climbing walls or at venues with permanent or mobile climbing towers. This Climbing Wall Award does not include the skills and techniques required to teach lead climbing.  

Single Pitch Award (SPA)

This award trains and assesses candidates in the skills required to supervise climbers on single pitch crags and climbing walls. Common activities undertaken by a Single Pitch Award holder will be roped climbing and bouldering. The Single Pitch Award does not include the skills and techniques required to teach lead climbing.