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White Water Kayaking

White Water kayaking

White Water Kayaking

White Water Kayaking - Introduction

Our white water kayaking introduction course is a weekend for kayakers who wish to try their skills on white-water, or for novice white-water paddlers who are looking to build confidence and control by improving and refining their technique.

Our aim is to coach you in white-water skills and techniques like breaking-in and out of the current, ferry gliding across the current and surfing on standing waves and small stoppers. River reading, rescue and safety on white-water are all an integral part of the course.

A Range of Rivers to Choose From
The venue for each day will depend on the weather conditions and the level of the rivers. We are within 15 minutes of the River Dart and the upper Tamar and Exe are within easy reach.

The Lower Dart is grade 2 and an ideal section of the river for a first venture on white-water. The upper Tamar offers some excellent grade 2 water created by a series of fishing weirs, this river is little used and provides a brilliant days paddle on a beautiful section of the river.

Qualified & Experienced Staff
We are an approved British Canoe Union (BCU) centre which certifies that our kayaking, canoeing and water based sessions are run to the highest standards and that our equipment is up to date and well maintained.


Spirit of Adventure is inspected regularly by the Adventure Activity Licensing Authority (AALA) and has been granted a licences to run canoeing, climbing and mountaineering activities. The authority inspects our equipment and safety procedures and ensures that all our staff are suitably qualified.

We can arrange your accommodation for you - there are hotels, guesthouses, hostels, bunkhouse and campsites on the moor. Many people choose to stay in our
Bunkhouse at Powder Mills which you may want to check out!  If you are local to Dartmoor you are very welcome to travel up each day and join us on the lake.



Introduction to White Water Kayaking
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White Water Kayaking - Introduction

2 days instruction on white water. All take part on the River Dart.

Experience Required
Flatwater or 1 star experience

Cost Per Person


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