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Outdoor First Aid Course

Outdoor First Aid Course                                                              

Spirit of Adventure are pleased to offer a 2-day First Aid Course set in the heart of Dartmoor in conjunction with First Aid 4 Life. This course is recongnised by most National Governing Bodies Instructor Awards including Canoeing and Kayaking (BCU) and Mountaineering and Rock Climbing (MLTUK).

Practical and Interactive
Highly practical and interactive, the course assumes no prior first aid knowledge and stresses the importance of problem solving and decision making. 

Most people have an innate ability to do the right thing in an emergency.  What phases them is deciding what to do next!  We take that natural ability and train it in systematic decision making which is practised to ensure permanence.  This includes almost four hours of practical and enjoyable indoor and outdoor scenarios to really cement learning.

Gain a Recognised First Aid Qualification
The course is accredited on the National Qualifications Framework through ITC First Aid of which First Aid 4 Life is a Registered Provider approved to deliver QCF and ITC accredited qualifications.

Qualified & Experienced Staff
First Aid 4 Life's trainers all have an active interest and commitment to the outdoor environment, understanding the issues, dilemmas and judgements required when dealing with incidents in potentially hostile remote environments. 

They aim to make the training highly relevant to those whose work or leisure is in these environments.

Course Content:

Being Safe  -  Best practise.

Vital Signs - temperature, colour, pulse, breathing, level of consciousness.

Incident Handling - A systematic approach to problem solving & decision making.

Unconsciousness -  Managing the unconscious casualty to ensure a safe airway.

CPR & Choking - Dealing with the non breathing casualty including drowning.

Bandaging -  Managing external & internal bleeding and shock.

Immobilising/Injuries -  Treating head, spine, chest, abdomen, pelvis, leg & arm injuries.

Monitoring - Casualty cards & monitoring plus handing over to rescue services.

Remote Issues  -  Improvisation techniques when you have nothing else available!

Cold and Heat  -  Dealing with hypothermia, hyperthermia and burns.

Medical Emergencies -  angina, heart attack, stroke, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, bites, stings and anaphalaxis.

First Aid Regulations - Some awareness including first aid kits.

At the end of the course you will receive:
Fully Accredited Nationally Recognised three year First Aid Qualification and ITC Outdoor First Aid Manual covering all aspects of the course. 


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First Aid

Two day first aid course designed for people working in the Outdoors

Experience Required
Non Required

This course is run by FirstAid4Life

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